Happy Valentine – Sweet vegan breakfast dessert

Happy Valentine – Sweet vegan breakfast dessert

LOVE..all animals. Happy Valentine´s day! I made dairy free berry milkshakes and nice cream with a nut layer, topped with coconut cream. Nom nom! My hubby surprised me with beautiful roses and champagne and I made this for us

And yes! I made it about animals. Because what is love. Love is compassion. Love is kindness. Most of us say we love animals and are against animal cruelty, but yet we pay for others to slaughter for our tastebuds? The cows in the dairy industry first loose their babies. Their new borns or just a few days old are taken away from them. They are sentient beings. The feel love, sadness, anger and joy. Their baby calves are killed for meat. Then when they cannot produce enough milk, they are sent to slaughter. Please don’t support this industry. Love doesn’t kill. There are so many better alternatives for milk and cheese without this cruelty. If you don’t believe the dairy industry is that bad, or you think the mother cows enjoy seeing their babies taken from them, and being hooked up to a milking machine – watch this video about the dairy industry and decide for yourself.

It is so easy so swap out dairy products…just start with a few:) I love Koko dairy free milk on my granolas, in baking, cooking and in smoothies. But there’s also rice milk, almond milk, hazel nut milk, soy milk, oat milk…

Pink smoothie

Frozen raspberries and strawberries with Koko dairy free milk (add a little at a time until you get the consistency or taste you want), a few drops of vanilla extract, if you want the extra sweetness.

Nice cream with nut layer

Nut layer:

2 cups of mixed nuts (almonds, hazel, walnuts)

1 tbs good organic tasteless coconut oil

1/2 pitted dates (optional)

Blend together in a food processor.

Nice Cream:

1 can of organic full fat coconut milk (in fridge, just use the cream, not the water)

1 cup of berries (any you like..raspberries, strawberries, or forest berries)

1 ts vanilla extract

Blend together, put in freezer


Coconut cream (the rich cream only, not the water) whip it with agave or vanilla if you want it more sweet. Or mix any taste you like

Enjoy your day with loved ones….people and animals:)





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